For more than three generations, we have been passionate about making paint unique. We add colour to every project while guaranteeing quality. This has resulted in more than a century’s worth of customers who appreciate durable quality that takes mankind & the environment into account.”

Unique paint solutions

The world of Anker Stuy is a world of colour and coatings, but also a world of people. Our story starts in 1898, with the establishment of the “’t Anker” printer’s ink and paint factory in Steenwijk, Overijssel. At the time, the Aberson family manufactured high-quality coating products. By 1972, the owner of ‘t Anker had no successor to continue running his company and the factory was taken over by Stuy Verven, founded by Adriaan Stuy in 1952 and based in Gorredijk in Friesland.

In addition to wholesale operations, activities in Gorredijk quickly expanded to include the mixing of colours, ranging from semi-manufactured to end products. Stuy Verven grew as a result of more projects, more customers and increased sales. In 1976, the company moved into its current premises in Terwispel, production was scaled up and the building was further upgraded and altered. Steenwijk and Gorredijk were incorporated into a single production site. As a family business, we forged ahead under the name Anker Stuy. By now, it is in its third generation.

Come 2015, our team is based on experience and talent and consists of thoroughbred chemistry experts. Our unique products allow us to supply coating systems for virtually all surfaces. There is very good reason why we are a market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to the joinery industry. Our short lines of communication guarantee adaptable and personal working relations. With a professional team on hand, we are quick to respond to the needs of customers and offer excellent service that extends all the way to your building site.

 Anker Stuy in a nutshell

Since 1946, family business Anker Stuy has been devising unique solutions for use on various surfaces. All products are produced with passion and with respect for mankind and the environment. Sustainable innovation is part of the DNA of Anker Stuy, with the Seramic Lightcoating a brilliant example of this. Continuous innovation demands a great deal of fascination for all facets of the product. Anker Stuy is active both locally and internationally, so our quality is widely acknowledged.