As a carpenter, you want to use professional coatings – coatings that remain the showpieces of homes or buildings for years. Anker Stuy manages its own production of highly superior quality coatings. For decades, our paint experts have met the daily expectations of our customers.

Ever-increasing demands

Consumers and companies are placing ever-increasing demands on their homes and working environments. Not only play colours an important role here. It all revolves around the quality of the coating. And you are aware of this as a carpenter. After all, you are constantly on the lookout for the best products for your customers. Anker Stuy offers you a wide range of superior coatings that are practical and durable in use.

Order your coating

Are you, as a carpenter, looking for top-quality coatings? Coatings that still have perfect adherence and sheen after years of use? Anker Stuy offers you a wide range of quality coatings. And you are always welcome to approach us for tailor-made solutions.

Daily quality test

Once you have painted an object using an Anker Stuy coating, you will know that it is a coating that you can confidently use for all your customers. Worry-free painting is your goal and we make every effort to help you achieve this goal. Our paint experts test the quality of our coatings on a daily basis, so you are always guaranteed the best-quality coating. All our products, from floor coatings and wall paints to deck coatings, can be used with confidence.

Why Anker Stuy?

  • Leader in the paint industry for more than 60 years
  • Wide range and nationwide sales outlets
  • Own laboratory guarantees innovative paint products
  • Knowledge necessary to address all your coating issues
  • Short supply times thanks to in-house management of production process

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