HD Solo Pur 2K Systeemlak

40-621-0029(Stompmat) - 40-622-0029(Mat) - 40-623-0029(Halfmat) - 40-25-0029(Zijdeglans) - 40-628-0029(Glans)

Use : Natural beech, coated
Priming:1 x priming with HD-SOLO-PUR 623-0029
Mixing ratio 10:1 with HD-PUR-CYRL-HARDENER 600-0626
Drying at least 2 hours, even better overnight at room temperature
Intermediate sanding with sanding paper, grain size 280 / 320
Coating: 1 coat with HD-SOLO-PUR 623-0029
Mixing ratio 10:1 with HD-PUR-CRYL hardener 600-0626
Drying time at least overnight
Principal Characteristics : HD-SOLO-PUR is a fast-drying, non-yellowing coating for furniture with good filling body and excellent wear-resistance. It shows good mechanical and chemical resistances with high hardness and elasticity.
Package size : 5 – 20 Liter
Type : Stompmat: 40-621-0029
Mat:             40-622-0029
Halfmat:     40-623-0029
Zijdeglans: 40-625-0029
Glans:          40-628-0029


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