We offer you the right guarantees

Service and quality are very important to Anker Stuy. Everything revolves around the final result, so our entire range of internal and external services focus on this. Guarantees play an important role here. We offer guarantees so that contractors or joinery operators have nothing to worry about. Perfect end results start at the beginning of your painting process, and our experts provide you with e.g. layer thickness measurements so that you can guarantee the work you do for your clients. Our tailor-made approach means that you receive technical painting advice for every project!

No worries

Of course, we also keep any eye during the building process and offer guarantees if you follow our recommendations related to the application of our coating products. And we compile visit reports and inspection reports and answer any possible questions that you might have. Anker Stuy is a partner that gives you peace of mind throughout the whole painting process. If you would like more information about our guarantees, please contact us now or download our brochure here.

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