Unique innovation

We make innovation unique by implementing upgrades that actually contribute to the improvement of our products. In addition to the environmental aspect, we also focus on functional aspects. How pioneering would it be if, fifteen years from now, we had paintable solar cells that could eventually generate electricity? We at Anker Stuy are ambitious and have already set ourselves this target in 2015. Our Seramic Lightcoating already demonstrates how functional and innovative paint can be. This coating emits light in the dark, while being energy-neutral and improving safety at the same time.

Focus on bio-based paint products

As a paint manufacturer, we are obviously responsible for releasing the least possible chemical pollutants into the environment. In the 1990’s, Anker Stuy was the first to launch water-based alkyd emulsions, which have much less of an environmental impact than solvent-based products. Now in 2015, we are focused on bio-based coating products, i.e. quality paint manufactured using renewable raw materials.

Innovate together?

We would like to innovate with you. Our collaborations with organisations such as universities and public institutions ensure that innovations can actually be implemented. Your ideas within the context of open innovation are always welcome. For further questions or any requests, please contact us.

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