Team of chemistry Experts

Every day, our team of chemistry experts works on product development, quality control and further innovation. The laboratory is the technical heart of Anker Stuy and is the birthplace of unique new products.

Anker Stuy keeps an eye on future changes

Many changes constantly take place when it comes to paint and its ingredients. What will the composition of paint be twenty years from now? What laws and regulations do we have to take into account? Our strategy involves adding value to paint, keeping an eye on changes and the future and anticipating these changes by constantly improving quality and durability. The Anker Stuy laboratory obviously plays an essential role in this.

Quality control

One of the tasks involved is the study of and search for new methods and raw materials, advanced in quality and as environmentally friendly as possible. However, this also involves making sure that every litre of paint that leaves our premises conforms to certain quality demands so that you can and may expect the best results when using our coatings.

Thanks to many years of experience, Anker Stuy also has plenty of expert academic knowledge at its disposal. And partly due to this combination, Anker Stuy leads the pack in the paint industry when it comes to renewable raw materials, active coatings like the Seramic Lightcoating and quality, demonstrated by our ‘protect wood 4 life’ guarantees. These guarantee maintenance-free paintwork for as long as 10 years.

Specific needs

Thanks to having our own laboratory at our disposal, we can quickly respond to the needs and specifications of our customers. The options include tailor-made products.

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