Anker Stuy Paints has been chosen as Frisian Entrepreneur of the Year 2016.

 “Anker Stuy Verven is according to the jury the winner because they are highly innovative, , durable, enormously energetic, an example  for our Friesian companies.  A company that really gives color to our province. ”  (Sander de Rouwe, Deputy State of Friesland) 

This was announced during the exciting  final Election Frisian Entrepreneur of the Year 2016. In Leeuwarden the Frisian capital of The Netherlands. Out of 600 companies became clear that Anker Stuy Verven scores best on various aspects such as people , planet and profit.  Both the audience and the jury proved Anker Stuy paints to be the winner.  The jury was very impressed by the organization, their innovation and growth potential.

 VFO Award
Since 1989 It has become an annual tradition, the Election Frisian Company of the year.  ,Each year a company is awarded with this award.  The award is based on a strict company scan made by consultancy firm Deloitte. After a financial and organization review in the semi-final the candidates have to prove themselves before a audience and panel of judges in the final.

Anker Stuy Verven
For more than three generations, we have been passionate about making paint unique. We add colour to every project while guaranteeing quality. This has resulted in more than a century’s worth of customers who appreciate durable quality that takes mankind & the environment into account.

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