Sustainable and ready for the future

As a paint producer Anker Stuy is continuously interested in producing even more sustainably and introducing new, durable innovations to be able to decrease the burden of the environment. Of course, we are obliged to take the environment into account due to the rules and regulations. Nevertheless, the main reason for being sustainable is personal interest in the well-being of the environment because even though we are paint manufacturers, we are also human.

Sustainable innovation

In the laboratory of Anker Stuy, our chemists are given all the freedom to experiment with raw materials. These experts have accepted the challenge of realizing innovations which save the environment. We, our partners and the environment benefit from this. When it comes to the end consumers, sustainability tends to mean less maintenance, hence, less costs. For Anker Stuy, Innovation means leading in science and knowledge. With this knowledge we increase the already high quality of our products and services. Anker Stuy uses for example automotive pigments in its colored pastes. Due to the use of these pigments the colors stay longer good. Even though these pigments are rather expensive, we are able to offer the paints at competitive price. This is a nice advantage for you.

10 years maintenance free paint

In 2007, Anker Stuy introduced a new, unique product line, Waarborg, and brought it on the market. With the Waarborg products we guarantee our clients ten years of maintenance free painting . For the joinery industry we offer a unique, sustainable and competitive product thanks to this guarantee. Additionally, this means a remarkable decrease in maintenance costs for the end consumers. Of course this guarantee is conditional.

Durable customer relationships

We are willing to form durable relationships with our clients. To make it possible, we are investing in optimizing our services due to the fact that for durable, long-lasting relationships we first must earn the trust of the clients. We are doing our very best; Anker Stuy is there for its clients.

Project “Koploper”

Anker Stuy takes part in a pioneer project, called “Koploper”, which focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship, in Opsterland. Some companies, together with the municipality of Opsterland, have taken the initiative to start working on sustainable entrepreneurship. They share their experience and motivate other organization to join the project. The goal of the project is to spread awareness and contribute to corporate social responsibility. Eventually, we want to provide our company, Anker Stuy, with advantages for sustainable entrepreneurship does not only involve risks but it also creates great opportunities for Anker Stuy as well as for your company.