Vepa is obviously dependent on the best availabe suppliers. Gerrit Schipper, employed by the paint shop, is willing to explain the co-operation.”After having realized the new paint shop in 2014, we naturally let the Anker Stuy products extensively tested and compared with other suppliers’ lacquers and (wood)stains.  Still, Anker Stuy seems to be the best.

Mr. Schipper
Lacquers department


We choose for innovations that are in line with our policies. Anker Stuy’s Seramic Lightcoating is definitely an innovation that contributes to energy neutral climate and at the same time increases safety for example on bicycle paths. It’s a win-win situation.

Rixt Wind, Project organization
Gemeente Heerenveen

bas van der geestWe are painting with Anker Stuy’s products everyday. We know that by doing so we can provide our clients with high quality work that does not need maintenance for years.

Gebr. Van der Geest schilderwerken
Bas van der Geest

westerveld-testimonialWe trust the products and expertise of Anker Stuy already for more than 25 years. The outstanding products, together with personal and technical guidance, guarantee that we deliver window-frames which have a durable and high-quality paint system.

Dhr Nederlof

Verwelius bouwen

As a real-estate owner, we highly value good service such as inspections and color advise on the spot. The service combined with Anker Stuy’s high-quality products guarantees me flowing real-estate projects with less worries about on-time maintenance and delivery.

– Verwelius beheer B.V.
Robert Peters
Manager onroerend goed